Features of SeeTec 5 Enterprise Edition

Below you can find just some of the features making SeeTec 5 one of the most powerful IP video applications in the world:

  • Flexible open platform solution
    • Use of standard IT technology
    • Support of numerous operating systems
    • Optimized for multi-CPU and 64bit environments
    • Integration of I/O modules and third party applications
    • Integration of cameras and video encoders from many leading manufacturers

  • Audio and video recording
    • Support of all current compression formats such as MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264, MxPEG
    • Viewing and recordings of multiple streams per camera
    • Export of image data (video sequences or single images, encrypted or uncoded)
    • VoIP/SIP support (optional)
  • Live view
    • Optimized for Full HD and Megapixel
    • Use of multiple monitors and large screen displays
    • Patrols
    • PTZ control (on-screen and by joystick)
  • Real client/server architecture
    • Unlimited number of cameras with 3.500 fps per server
    • Installations covering multiple sites
    • Remote access e.g. via VPN or NAT
    • Central configuration of devices and user rights
  • Security features
    • SSL/3DES encryption
    • Digital watermark
    • Powerful user management

  • Additional modules (optional)
    • Vertical modules for the retail, logistics and finance industry
    • LPR solution
    • Intelligent video analysis
    • Full duplex VoIP/SIP support
    • Support for monitor walls



Free demo download!

Ask for a free demo version of our video management software here.



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